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Saint Matthew Haiti Project

The Saint Matthew community sponsors a Haiti Twinning Project to help the parishes in the Village of Bois de Lance, Haiti. We have a large group of parishioners focusing on a School Friendship Program and fundraising for special needs for the people and priest of the village. We also organize mission trips of service to the area. Contact David Siler at 317-845-0094 or Jan Baele at 317-257-9145 for more information. Below are more details on our efforts.

Watch this video on our Haiti project:


Fall 2017 Update: “Every time we see your faces here it gives us hope.” This is a quote from a Haitian teacher upon the arrival of the St. Matthew mission team in June. We hope you agree that this quote truly says it all. As reported in our last communication, we are so grateful to have Christ the King Parish join Saint Matthew in this mission by providing nutritious meals for the students during the day. In addition to our school sponsorship, the June team is happy to report wonderful progress on the rectory with the completion of the inside walls. This project has had an added benefit of employing some local workers. Empowering and working with the Haitian community is an important consideration in our mission, and with this in mind two other projects were a focus of this trip: expanding sewing skills and building chicken coops so the community might begin to have a sustainable and nutritious food source. Perhaps even more important than the projects are the relationships that continue to form between our community and theirs. A number of our own youth were able to attend the summer mission trip, and the school children adored their time with them and vice versa. The final night reflected the joy of the relationships formed as everyone attended a dance party reported to be a highlight that will become a tradition. May each of you be blessed for your continued prayers and support of this mission. See some photos below from the June 2017 trip.

haiti june pix

Spring 2017 Update: Our Saint Matthew community has once again demonstrated its generous heart by fully funding the two Haitian schools we sponsor through the remainder of this school year. Our Saint Matthew School students have shown the same generous spirit. In particular, over this past school year a number of our Saint Matthew first graders decided that, in lieu of gifts for their birthdays, that their friends instead make a donation to the Haiti School Sponsorship Program. As often is the case, our children inspire us, and this has led to plans to continue to grow connections between Saint Matthew School and the schools we sponsor in Haiti. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Christ the King Parish has recently decided to join Saint Matthew in this mission and will be focusing on providing food for the students in both Haitian schools. We look forward to seeing how all of this continues to grow and take seed in our schools and our communities.

We are also excited to share that the new rectory has been under construction, and it appears that it may be completed as early as this fall. Pere Max has shared that this project has had the added benefit of creating jobs for more than 15 people, including 2 local workers. He further mentioned that they are looking to add additional seating to the church because weekly services are standing-room only. What a wonderful issue to need to address!

Our next group of 10 wonderful missionaries will be headed back to Haiti from June 3-June 10, and our First Saturday Happy Hour in June will be hosted by our Haiti Committee. Please plan to come and raise a glass of Haitian beer to our missionaries in fellowship with one another the first Saturday in June!

Watch the school children at our sister parish in Haiti sing to our visiting parishioners:


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Here are some photos for the fall 2016 mission trip to Haiti:Publication1



Pere Max, the pastor of the Saint Matthew twinning parish in Bois de Lance, Haiti, visited us in April 2016. At all the Masses, he thanked parishioners for their support of the Haiti School Friendship Program and then attended “Sample Saint Matthew.” Pere Max also met with our students to describe life in Haiti and how important our support is to his community. Pere Max even played soccer during PE with the 7th graders and ate lunch with the 4th graders. Thank you to everyone who planned, assisted in, and participated in Pere Max’s first visit to Saint Matthew. 

indy visit


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In the video here, Pere Max, pastor of our twinning parishes, thanks Saint Matthew parishioners for their prayers and support:


The children in Haiti say thank you to our parish.

Above: The rectory is under construction.

Top left: Pere Max celebrates Mass at Jede. Top right: our parishioner Jan Baele speaks to students. Bottom left: Our parishioner Dave Siler with Pere’s new truck. Bottom right: Holes in the roof at the open-air church in Jede.

Top left: Our parishioner Bob Kowal with Haitian school children. Bottom left: Haitian school principals with our parishioners Dave Siler, Bob Kowal, and Jan Baele. Right: Little girls dressed in Sunday best.

Left: View of the major city of Cap Haiten. Right: Beauty of the Haitian countryside.

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