Music Ministry

Music Ministry offers music leadership for weekend Masses and other liturgical celebrations. Our music community makes a great connection with parishioners. Debbie Ward, 317-257-4297, ext. 2213

  • Choir: Everyone is invited to sing in the choir. We love when parents and children sing together! The choir leads the community in song and enjoys time in rehearsal. Choir leads on Sundays at 9 AM Mass as scheduled. Rehearsal time helps us all improve, but there are resources for self-preparation. We are flexible! Debbie Ward, 317-257-4297, ext. 2213
  • Contemporary Music Ensemble is looking to add women’s voices to the ensemble. Colleen Perron
  • Kingdom Ringers do handbell ringing for Mass and special events; children and adults are invited. Rehearsing together is important because of the nature of handbell ringing, so we try to schedule rehearsals with everyone in mind as needed. Debbie Ward, 317-257-4297, ext. 2213
  • Musicians are invited to participate in Mass and musical events. If you have the desire to use your gift of music, we can work with your schedule. Debbie Ward, 317-257-4297, ext. 2213

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