Through the waters of Baptism, we become new creatures!  We become adopted daughters and sons of God who are invited to partake in the divine nature. We become co-heirs with Christ and a temple of the Holy Spirit. cf. CCC 1266

Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism: The most common time for Baptism is during one’s infancy. When parents bring their child forward for infant baptism, they along with their godparents commit to passing on their faith in Christ to the child. The grace that flows through the sacrament is strengthened through a faithful family and active participation in the Christian community.

Scheduling: To schedule a baptism for your child, please contact Jeni Lengerich Pleiss, Director of Faith Formation, in the parish office.

Baptisms should be scheduled three months in advance of the proposed date and typically do not occur during Lent, except for life-threatening emergencies.

Requirements: (1) Parents of baptized children must be registered in the parish. (2) If you are scheduling a Baptism for your first child, there is a required Baptism preparation class that must be attended at least two weeks before your child’s baptism. (3) At least one parent and one godparent must be Catholic. (4) You must complete the Baptismal Information Form and Godparent/Sponsor Form.

Baptism of Older Children

Once a child has obtained the use of reason (about age 7), he or she becomes more responsible for making the baptismal promises. Because the child has gained the use of reason, it is no longer just the parents and godparents who are asked to help nurture God’s gift of faith in the child. The child must display a desire to receive the sacrament and have an age-appropriate understanding of the sacrament. Therefore, when children come forward to be baptized at this age, there will be a period of preparation that varies by the age of the child. For more information, please contact Jeni Lengerich Pleiss.


When adults come forward to receive be baptized, they are prepared to receive all three Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. This occurs in the context of a class and series of rites called the RCIA program or Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Please contact Jeni Lengerich Pleiss.


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