Each grade level has two homerooms and multiple instructional methods are utilized within each grade. We employ stations, small groups, direct instruction, and hand on activities. To prepare our Intermediate Students (4th and 5th graders) for their middle school journey , they follow a “mini-Middle School” concept and rotate among the fourth and fifth grade teachers for specific subjects. We recognize our call to reach our God-given potential and we look forward to partnering with you on your student’s educational journey. We believe in preparing our students to attain their greatest spiritual , academic, social, and emotional ability to make a difference. 

Middle School

Our Middle School ( grades 6th-8th) has been designed to help prepare out students for high school. All Middle School core classes will meet on a daily basis with a rotating schedule each day. Students will also rotate through Music, Art, Spanish, Health, Computer Science, and Physical Education classes. Middle School Band will also be held during the school day for students who choose to participate in this inspiring program (beginners welcome!). Our Middle School teachers are experts in their fields and they work with our students to achieve their highest spiritual, academic, and emotional ability.


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