Connection, Communication and Family are the three words that set our program apart from the others. Our first priority is safety both physically and emotionally for every child. No one can feel safe unless they feel connected and that starts with getting to know each child. Once a child feels safe and connected then their sense of wonder and curiosity can soar. In the beginning, it’s all about making that connection.

Conscious Discipline, a method we use in our classroom, tells us that “ALL BEHAVIOR IS COMMUNICATION”. Our job is to figure out what each child is telling us on any given day so that we can meet their individual needs. A child can struggle with communication at this age because they don’t always have the words for what they are feeling. We help them navigate through those “big feelings” and teach them how to communicate with each other.

In addition to academics our program, guided by the Catholic Catechism, also teaches children that we are a school family. We provide opportunities for them to learn how much God loves them and how to care for each other, so one day they can all become good Christian citizens.