First Reconciliation

The Program
Our program at Saint Matthew consists of three parents/child gatherings to prepare for Reconciliation. Parents are the primary catechists during this formation process. The parents/child gatherings are meant to be interactive, informative, and interesting.  The goal of these gatherings is to coach the parents as they prepare their child to receive the sacrament, and together the family develops a closer relationship to God and one another. There is a book that will be sent home for use by the parents and child, and the gatherings will build on the information supplied in the book. Babysitting is available at all gatherings. During each gathering, we hear important stories from the Bible, have special prayer opportunities, have time to share faith with one another as a family, and learn about love and forgiveness in preparation for Reconciliation.

Sacrament preparation for First Reconciliation takes place traditionally during 2nd grade.  If there is a need for preparation for these sacraments at other grades or ages, contact the parish office.

Reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation will take place in a separate reconciliation service one evening in the fall. This is a family service, and all family members are encouraged and invited to attend. Babysitting is available. The evening begins with a communal penance service for the group, and  several priests are available to hear reconciliations. We encourage all parents to receive the sacrament that evening as well. After all in the family who are interested in reconciliation  have received the sacrament, the family is invited to follow several stations together around the church to further build the family relationship and to promote the wonderful feelings of love and forgiveness that are found in this sacrament.  A reception follows this service.

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