Generous Hearts Stewardship

GENEROUS HEARTS STEWARDSHIP COMMISSION educates, engages, and inspires St. Matthew parishioners to prayerfully discern and use their God-given gifts in our thriving faith community; to create a culture of gratitude and care for God’s gifts; and to help others nurture their personal journey with the Lord. Amy Stimpson, Chair.

Here is our 2015/2016 Stewardship Report.

Annual Stewardship Report is a way for us to tell the stewardship story of our parish. This report describes the many areas where parishioners share time and talent, and it also includes the annual financial report. This report usually comes out in the fall. Jennifer Bruce

Children’s Stewardship promotes the idea of forming Generous Hearts from an early age. Children are encouraged to turn in their envelopes at the offertory time by bringing them up to the children’s offertory basket at the altar or by placing them in the baskets that are passed in the pews. The envelopes encourage the children to reflect on ways they have given of their time, talent, and treasure. Families are encouraged to talk about ways to give back to the Lord. Jeni Lengerich Pleiss, 317-257-4297, ext. 2215

Parish Engagement Committee’s goal is to continually develop a sense of belonging among all parishioners of St Matthew. We are currently moving through the process of education and development of goals resulting from the engagement survey taken by parishioners in late 2015. Kevin Janowicz, Chair

Parish Stewardship Campaign: “Answering the Call” is the parish stewardship renewal program.

Stewardship Education helps to inform and educate our parish on the many aspects of stewardship, namely time, talent, and treasure. This education is achieved through weekly Generous Hearts Thoughts, Generous Hearts Sundays, Taste of St Matthew Ministry Fair, and periodic presentations and workshops on stewardship subjects. Amy Stimpson

United Catholic Appeal is conducted in the fall. This is a time for education and commitment of your personal stewardship to support the work of the archdiocese. The important work includes fostering Catholic education and faith formation, encouraging vocations by educating seminarians and deacons, providing retirement benefits for our priests, and caring for people most in need throughout the archdiocese. Jackie Noll, Chair

Welcoming Committee establishes outreach practices to make St. Matthew a warm and welcoming parish. Includes greeters at Masses and quarterly “Welcome Sundays.” Holds the monthly “First Saturday” Happy Hour. Phoebe Shackelford, 317-480-6900